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Welcome to my site. My name is Lawayne Kimbro. Let's see.. where do I start.. Ok, let's start with a little background on me.. your host. I'm not a full-time professional photographer. In fact, I have a normal 8-5 Monday thru Friday job like most people. I classify myself as a semi-professional photography artists.

I'm a completely "self taught" photographer in both areas of taking photographs and post-processing/editing photographs. I have no formal training other than one or two seminars that have come to town, and the vast array of educational Youtube videos. Isn't Youtube great.! Anyway, I'm still new to photography artistry and have just over two (2) years experience. That's not a full two years, but rather just the FREE time that I can muster to get out and shoot. Having a day job, family, and a active daughter does not leave a lot of free time for photography.

My two photography passions are: 1) Sports Photography - especially when it involves my daughters sports and 2) Landscape photography - my inner/personal passion. Odd combination, right? I would LOVE to retire from my day job (today lol) and do nothing by Sports & Landscape photography. Unfortunately, I need my day job to pay the bills, so for now I will remain a part-time semi-professional photographer.

My Vision on Photography Art

What is photography? Is Photography considered Art? There is no right or wrong answer. Ask 10 people, and you might get 2, 5, or 10 different answers. To me, Photography Art is the expression, emotion, and capture of a moment in time that evokes an individual and meaningful inner-feeling that is different for each person. I treat these moments with different intent and approach. Photographing Sports is different than photographing Landscapes, but the end result of producing a "piece of ART" is still my goal. I view photography as ART. Anybody can pickup a camera, set it to AUTO, and snap a picture. Not everybody has the vision to see that subject as a piece of ART waiting to be molded into something special. Painting is considered an Art form. The painter conceives an idea, lays out a plan on how to execute the vision, uses the appropriate tools and instruments from his/her craft. and works diligently whether it's a few hours, days, weeks or months to bring that vision to life. Photography Art is no different. Many people think "oh, you just had a camera and took a nice picture" while in fact that is usually far far from the truth. Photography Artist work just as hard, just as diligently, and use every bit of their craft to produce the final product. Photography Artist travel, work long odd hours just waiting for those few precious seconds of perfect light or situation where all the items in the vision come together, spend countless hours culling hundreds or thousands of photographs and spending more hours to post-process those images. We use specialized equipment for specialized projects. Our gear, computers, software, and continuous training to refine our craft does not come cheap. We invest heavily to become good at our craft.

So, as you're looking around at my work I hope I did an admirable job in producing images that you look at and think of as ART instead of just saying "oh, that's a nice photograph"

Thank you for spending a few precious moments of you time to view my work. I really appreciate it and thank you because I'm sure there's a 100 other things that you could be doing with your time.

Photography Artist


I utilize high quality Professional Grade equipment including the follow:

Canon 1Dx and Canon 7DmkII camera bodies 

Canon 70-200/2.8 mkII (L) lens, Canon 100-400/f4-5.6 mkII (L), Canon 24-105/f4 (L) lens, Canon 100/2.8 Macro, Rokinon manual 14mm/2.8

Various Speedlight flashes, Alien Bees AB800, 60" Octabox, softboxes/modifiers, filters, timers, tripods, etc